• Here are 15 tips to help you reflect on ways to keep youself “on the road” mentally rather than engage your mind with your mobile tech devices to the detriment of being present on the Camino. Unchecked mobile tech usage limits your capacity to connect deeply with the Camino and yourself.  


    The Korean language edition of my book Pilgrim Stories. On and Off the Road to Santiago (UC Press, 1998) reached bookstores in early 2019. Why in Korean? In this article I overview the remarkable 21st C rise in the number of South Korean pilgrims along the Camino de Santiago. 

    Korean cover of Pilgrim Stories 2019

  • In April 2015 I conducted a survey on mobile technology usage along the Camino de Santiago and did follow-up research in 2016. Here are the results and analysis of the survey.

  • In January 2017, I gave the keynote address at the Confraternity of St James’ Annual General Meeting in London titled The Smart Camino: Pilgrimage in the Internet Age. In the talk I briefly review some general changes I’ve noticed over the last 25 years and then present my research on the incorporation of new media technology into the Camino and how this has impacted being a pilgrim.